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GSO Care Consultant

GSO Care Aged Care Software And Consultant Services
A Division of GSO Care Pty Ltd
Melbourne, Australia
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Helping your organisation implement and comply with the new aged care standards, develop workforce resilience and deliver service excellence.

Why Choose GSO Care Aged Care Consultant

    • Choosing GSO Care aged care consultancy means we partner with you to create sustainable outcomes for your organisation and the people it serves.
    • We have 20 years experience in helping aged care organisations change to survive and thrive.
    • GSO Care are experts in compliance and new aged care standards for residential aged care.

Aged Care Consulting Services of GSO Care

Aged Care Consulting Services of GSO Care
    • Workforce development and training programs customised to your needs.
    • Organisational change and improving culture.
    • Comprehensive tools and resources.
    • Flexible arrangements to work within your budget.

Aged Care Sanction Assistance and Solutions

    • GSO Care Consultant can review department visits, develop and deliver an action plan which will overturn the non-compliance.
    • We will conduct workshops for all levels of staff to ensure stainability after the time for improvement has been lifted.
Aged Care Consulting Services of GSO Care

Organisational Change and Improving Culture In Aged Care

  • GSO Care Consultant can work with you to create a smooth transition of any organisational change process, for example mergers, home closure, introduction of a new IT program.

  • GSO Care Consultant can work with you in assessing and/or investigating your current culture and deliver team building.
GSO Care Consultant will work with aged care providers and develop specfic workforce training programs:

    • New staff corporate orientation program.
    • Site specific training workshops on the new standards, getting ready for accreditation, preparing for any type of support visit, drilling down on customer service focused care.
    • Dealing with difficult family or resident care issues.
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