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Aged Care Training Workshops

Aged Care Consulting Services of GSO Care Back To Basics Workshop

Back To Aged Care Basics

We will work with you and your policies and procedures to customize a program based on your workplace needs and gaps.  We will update competencies, drive needed changes in ACFI funding through education, even show staff how to make a bed, brush a dementia clients' teeth, and change workplace culture.
Aged Care Consulting Services of GSO Care Customer Service Workshop

Customer Service In Aged Care

Who are our customers in aged care and why do we need to be worried about them? How to meet and greet anyone who enters the home. How to bring professionalism into your role. Follow the top 10 tips in customer service. How to handle a rude or angry customer.
Aged Care Consulting Services of GSO Care Understanding Quality Standards Workshop

Understanding Aged Care Quality Standards

Are you ready for your next unannounced support visit or accreditation?  We can assist you with your Accreditation Self Assessment Tool for your residential managers. We can ensure your floor staff understand what the new standards means to their roles.
Aged Care Consulting Services of GSO Care Difficult Conversations Workshop

Difficult Conversations In Aged Care

Role playing situations for those hard discussions like Transitions into Palliative Care, or diffusing an upset family member, or client. Even coaching  supervisors in how to effectively deal with poor performing staff members.

Effective Supervision In Aged Care

Coaching your TEAM, understanding your leadership role, using your corporate position descriptions to drive performance and assist supervisors to complete performance appraisals.  Learn the importantance of documentation when dealing with poor performance.
Aged Care Consulting Services of GSO Care Effective Supervision Workshop
Aged Care Consulting Services of GSO Care The Dining Experience Workshop

The Aged Care Dining Experience

Treat your clients to Silver Service not Dine and Dash. Be able to make even scrambled eggs into an event. Re-enforce the importance of sound nutrition principals. What is dysphagia, why do you need to know who can and can't have peas or toast? Review IDDSI International terminology. Meal time is the best place to make a good impression.

Working with Dementia In Aged Care

We will provide an overview of dementia, including signs and symptoms, causes, and an understanding of how dementia affects the brain and behaviour. Tips, role playing and reality therapy techniques that really work. Understanding behaviors triggers and how  to successful reduce behaviors.
Aged Care Consulting Services of GSO Care Working with Dementia Workshop
Aged Care Consulting Services of GSO Care Being The Nurse In Charge Workshop

Being The Aged Care Nurse In Charge

The role of the after hours, "Nurse  in Charge", has many challenges that go with the higher hourly wage. Can you manage crisis situations, like an unannounced support visit, fire evacuation, power outage or natural gas leak, gastro/respiratory outbreak, violent family member,unwanted intruder, or maybe the kitchen staff burnt the main dish for dinner tonight? It's all about contingency planing and working with management to have all the contacts at your finger tips.  Be ready for those "What If" moments.
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